I think everyone remembers the Carmageddon popular in the 1990s, which involved breaking down everything that stood in our way. By doing these activities, we scored points. Recently, information about the production of the next edition of the game has been published. The right to the game was acquired by THQ Nordic. The history of Carmageddon has been turbulent from the very beginning. In Britain, it was considered that the game is too drastic. As a consequence, people were replaced with zombies and blood was replaced with a green substance. because times have changed, nowadays rather excess blood will not bother anyone. The main goal of the game was to reach the finish line first, destroying everything on the road.

The sequel released 3 years ago called Carmageddon reincarnation did not meet with a warm reception by fans. Let’s hope that this time it will be different, especially that THQ Nordic is quite valued on the market.